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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you celebrate My Birthday Here, I thank you for having come in the Day of My Feast.

Be a gift of love to Me by praying My Rosary every day, obeying My Messages and seeking to be perfect mystical roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance.

Be a gift of love to Me by giving Me the 'yes' of you and your true love. Open your hearts to the supernatural love, AGAPE, to the true love that loves Me entirely, completely for Myself, without desiring or wanting in return.

Then, your love will truly be a gift of love to Me and My Heart will rejoice for your lives, which for Me are precious and will double in value, the greater the love of your hearts.

I want the pure, supernatural, true love, a love able to do everything for Me, to suffer everything for Me, to renounce to everything for Me, to leave everything for Me and to give you completely to Me.

Only then will My Flame of Love triumph in you and around you. And My Heart will finally rest happy to have all My children close to Me drawn by My mighty Flame of Love that will be transmitted to all of them, through the love of your hearts for Me.

Today is a day of great joy for Me for all My children who really love Me, obey Me, listen to Me, serve Me, let themselves be led by Me as My little son Marcos, as My little son Carlos Tadeu now, that right now, that right now is making His procession in My praise and the Cenacle of the day of My Feast at the feet of My venerable Image.

Yes, in these My children I am comforted, loved, glorified, obeyed and served. Through them and in them I am really praised and exalted. And for them I feel happy, I feel happy for all My children of the whole world, that thanks to My Apparitions Here they told Me 'yes' and follow Me along the path of love, prayer, sacrifice and penance.

But it is also a day of sadness for Me because the number of those who abandon Me, of those who betray My love, of those who forget Me and despise Me is still very great.

How many souls, even souls chosen with the love of predilection for My son and for Me that abandon Me, that betray Me, that despise Me because of mundane loves and creatures, of the own will.

Oh, My children, that is why My Sorrow is so great! Yes, the men who prefers the own will rather than the Will of God and Mine, becomes a demon of himself and does not need demons to tempt him.

Yes, the own will of a man who does not want to renounce to his/her will for love of God and Me, the own will of this man, of that person, is already his own demon who tempts him and leads him to damnation.

Therefore, My children, today, renounce to your own will, give your will to Me and to the Lord. And then, You will give Me the most precious and beautiful of the gifts that My Heart will receive joyful and glad and it will offer to God to give to Him also: glory, praise and joy.

Keep praying the Holy Rosary every day, through it always more you will give Me a gift of love and you will transform yourselves into other gifts of love.

Meditate more, look for the recollection, the silence to there do the prayer of love, meditation of love and spiritual reading of love.

Give ten Films Voices from Heaven 16 of My Apparition in Quito to My little daughter Mother Mariana, to ten children of Mine who do not know those My Messages. And also give ten Films of My Apparition in Caravaggio to ten more children of Mine so that they will know My love, My goodness, the tenderness and the mercy that I have towards My children. And so, all My children finally give Me their hearts and I can radiate My Flame of Love to the whole world as never before.

The sign of My Figure embracing My son Marcos in the procession analyzed by My dearest daughter Rafaela, is really the sign of how much I love this My most beloved son (Marcos Tadeu, the seer), of how much I am with him wherever he goes at all times of the day.

And through this sign I want to say to all My children: Whoever wants to find Me find My son Marcos, I live near him who loves Me, serves Me and blesses Me. Whoever wants to find Me, look for him and will find Me Here with him alive.

And in the words, in the work and in the person of him will see My luminous and loving Figure and listening to him, letting you be taught by him, correcting by him you will be really letting yourself teach, correct, form (educate) and love for Myself and lead all My children then to Heaven.

To all I bless with Love now from Fatima, from Lourdes and from Jacareí.

The Peace My beloved children, stay in the Peace of the Lord”.

(Marcos): “Yes, the Lady wants to touch on some (Chaplets)? Yes. Yes, Mommy”.

(OUR LADY): “As I said: Whenever one of these chaplets arrives, there I will be alive with the Angels and Saints pouring out the abundant blessings of the Lord.

Stay in the Peace of the Lord. Good night!”

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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, I invite all of you to transfigure into new souls reborned in the love of God by the love.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, opening your hearts to the love of God by prayer, by meditation, by spiritual reading, by sacrifice, and especially, by the conformity of your will with the Will of God.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, leaving the life of sin, embracing the life of grace, of holiness and of supernatural love, renouncing to the love, the love of pleasures, the love of sin that is in your heart. So that, then, in the place may enter the Holy Spirit, My Flame of Love and transform all of you into flames of love.

Be transfigure into living flames of love opening your hearts unlimitedly to My love, dilate your hearts by many prayers, sacrifices, efforts, by the daily exercise of giving yourselves more and more to God and Me.

And also for the search of an ever more intense life of union with God, of prayer, so that really in your hearts enter My Flame of Love and transfigure you into burning flames of living love for God.

Be transfigure into living flames of love, dying to the world and living for God.

Keep praying My Rosary every day, those who pray My Rosary with the heart will really be transformed into living flames of love, for my Rosary has come out of My Flame of Love. I gave it to My son Dominic as an invincible weapon to burn the whole world with My Flame of Love.

Therefore, pray My Rosary and you will be burned by it and transformed into My burning flames of love that will finally transform the world into a furnace of love for God, so that He, finally and soon be again worshiped, praised, served and glorified.

I bless all of you and especially to you My beloved little son Marcos and also to My beloved son Carlos Tadeu.

Thank you My beloved and dear son, for the homage you gave Me yesterday in your city of Ibitira, celebrating and honoring the Day of My Birth. You took 27 thousand thorns that were stuck in My Immaculate Heart, you also took 278 swords that were stuck in My Heart mainly by souls consecrated to the Lord who became betrayal Judas souls.

Thank you My son, for the great consolation you gave Me. Thank you, too, My beloved son Marcos, when you made these My wonderful Films of My Apparitions, you removed many swords of Sorrow from My Heart, many thorns that My wicked and ungrateful children nail in it.

And every time these Films are watched Here, or by My children in their homes, always 73,000 thorns are removed from My Heart every time, and 629 swords of Sorrow nailed by the priests Judas, by the consecrated souls Judas, are also removed from My Heart.

Continue My child, continue to give these My Films to My children, continue to pass them Here thousands of times always so that more thorns will be taken from My Heart and the swords of Sorrow from the consecrated souls Judas will also be pull out from My Heart and My wounds be closed.

I desire My children to give 10 Films of the life of My daughter Gemma Galgani to My children. And also 10 Voices from Heaven 12 that you watched today, so that My children know the life of My daughter Gemma, which was a true hymn of love and a continuous act of atonement to God, of consolation and reparation to My Heart and a Incessant Flame of Love.

And so that My children know also my urgent and sorrowful Messages of Medjugorje and so give Me the 'yes' of their hearts that will close the wounds of My Heart and hasten its victory in the whole world.

To all I bless with love from Medjugorje, from Barral and from Jacareí”.

(MESSAGE FROM SAINT GUILHERME OF VERCELLI): “Beloved brothers of Mine, I Guilherme, rejoice to come Here with the Mother of God to give you this Message:

Love the Flame of Love of the Mother of God opening your hearts wide to it so that it may enter and carry out in you all the great transformation, the great transfiguration of your souls from swamp of sin into a garden of beauty and grace for the greater glory Of the Lord.

Love the Flame of Love of the Mother of God, renouncing to the Eros love that causes you to selfishly search the satisfaction of all your pleasures and desires even if this leads you to despise the love of God. So that this intense Flame of Love from the Mother of God transfigure your souls, from leprous souls of sin, transformed by selfish love into pretty and beautiful souls filled with the beautiful supernatural love.

Love the Flame of Love from the Mother of God, renouncing your obstinated will and accepting Hers and the Lords as She said yesterday: The soul that obstinates itself in its own will to the point of despising the Lord, does not need demons to lead her to Hell. Your own will is the devil who will lead you to damnation.

Renounce, therefore, to your will, so that you may really transfigure yourself into beautiful creatures, into beautiful souls that reflect as in very clean mirrors: the light, the grace and the love of God.

The sign of the Figure of the Mother of God reflected in the eyes of Our beloved Marcos is for you a call so that you purify your souls from all the disorderly love of creatures, from all Eros love and so that you can open your souls and to have in them the AGAPE LOVE, THE SUPERNATURAL LOVE, so that in your person and beauty, the presence, the love, the holiness, the beauty of the Mother of God can also be perceived and felt by all. And everyone wants to know Her, to love Her and to serve Her too.

I, Guilherme, I love you very much, I pray for you for a long time already in the Throne of the Lord and I especially love you Marcos, My dearest friend and brother. You do not know Me, you did not know Me, but I have known you since you were in the womb of your Mother and I protected you ever since.

Never, you have never been alone because I have always been at your side, call Me, call Me always in your prayers, sufferings and tribulations and I will come from Heaven like a lightning to console you.

I also love his spiritual father Carlos Tadeu very much, I also protect him since the mother of God revealed to Me that he would be his spiritual father and from the moment he accepted to be his father I became really his personal guardian.

I am beside him 24 hours a day and there is no time when I am not attentively watching over him and covering him with My Mantle. I will always walk away from him all evils and all demons, so that he always be at peace and always guarded and protected by the Lord.

Yes, I love you dearest brother Carlos Tadeu, and you can not imagine how many times and how many times I helped you without you even knowing. I love you very much, I was always at your side, and now more than ever I will be your faithful guardian and protector.

Call me also in your tribulations and sufferings and I will come immediately to help you, to comfort you and give you strength. I love you and I am always with you, you must not fear anything because every day I present My merits to the Lord beseeching graces for you, and as they are very great you can expect great graces for you too.

I bless you and I bless all of you My dearest brothers, and to all of you I say: Be not afraid, We the Saints are with you and We are much more numerous than the devils of Hell. We just do not protect the soul that does not recommend itself, that does not entrust itselft to Us and does not have the true devotion for Us.

Cultivate, then, the true devotion to Us by praying Our Hour (of Prayer) every Wednesday, praying Us and calling Us at all times. Increase in you the love for God by praying this brief Act of Love: “My Jesus, I love you! I want to love You more and more, and only for You of love to die”.

Thus, the love will grow in you to fullness and you will truly be transfigured in burning flames of love for the Lord.

I bless you all with love and especially to you dear brother and friend Vinícius, I am also your special protector, I am your Patron Saint, pray Me call me and I will always help you.

I bless you all with love now and over all I pour out My peace!”.

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