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(OUR LADY): “Dear children, today, when you commemorate the Anniversary of My First Apparition to My little daughter, Saint Catherine Labouré, sitting in the chair. Giving to My little daughter Catherine the great Prophecies that would happen in the world and in France, in the Church and in the Nations.

I come again to say to you: Pray, only with prayer you can prevent the advance of evil and evil in the world and make good triumph.

Put the Rosary in your hands and pray with more love so that your prayers of love transform the world of hate desert into a garden of love. Strive to do the prayer of love that is the only one that pleases and is valid before God.

Live the virtue of obedience to God, to this world rebelled and enmity against God that tells you to disobey God, say: 'Yes, I will serve, I will obey God.'

I am with you and every day I accompany you on this journey to Heaven.

Pray My Rosary, be good, be faithful law-abiding of the Commandments of God and of your duties, that is the perfection that pleases God.

To all I bless with love from ParisLourdes and Jacareí”.


(SAINT BERNADETTE): "Beloved brother Carlos Tadeu, today, I, Bernadette of Lourdes, I come again from Heaven to bless you and to tell you: Serve the Immaculate as I served with love, obedience and perseverance.
Serve the Immaculate, offering to Her all your life as I offered.

Serve the Immaculate, accepting with faith and courage all the crosses that come to you, as they came to Me. And offer everything to the Immaculate for the conversion of sinners, particularly, the most stubborn and hardened in sin.

Serve the Immaculate, living daily in Her love, that is, doing everything with love and for love of her, placing Her in the first place always more in your life, despising the mundane things, leaving and renouncing to everything that opposes to Her. So that, truly, your life will be a reflection and a perfect echo of Mine that was a life of love and service to the Immaculate.

Serve the Immaculate, seeking every day to grow more in the Supernatural Love, that is to say: AGAPE LOVE for God and for Her, always seeking to purify your heart of all kind of human love or thought. So that you may truly have the Supernatural, mystical and love in pure transformation, AGAPE, the pure Flame of Love of the Mother of God, to with that love serve, obey and make known and loved the Immaculate.

Serve the Immaculate, in love and for love, every day opening, dilating the heart always more to her: by fervent prayers, ardent sacrifices, meditation, spiritual reading. And, particularly, doing the daily exercise of dying always more for yourself and thus, living only in the Immaculate and for the Immaculate.

I will have you know my beloved brother, that I once when I was in the Convent, I almost died from the asthma that had attacked strongly my lungs, giving me the beginnings of tuberculosis. Yes, I almost died.
That great suffering, that great pain I offered for you that I saw in a mystical vision, in the future serving and loving the Immaculate with our most beloved Marcos.

I offered those piercing pains of My body, of My lungs, the suffocation, the blood that I then poured out of My lungs and which made the doctors and all around Me gave Me already as condemned to death.
I received the Extreme Unction and by grace of the Immaculate I did not die, but I survived. She wanted Me to continue to suffer and pray for the conversion of sinners. And also for you My most beloved brother so that you could have all the graces and be suitable, dignified, capable, faithful to the great mission that She entrusts to you beside My most beloved Marcos.

I will have you know, that many and many times I suffered and I offered everything for you, because I love very much and because I want to help you serve the Immaculate as I served together with My most beloved Marcos. So that the Immaculate may triumph and save many and many souls.

Therefore, always count with Me because in Me you have a friend, advocate, intercessor and defender always constant that never, never will leave you.

Keep praying the Holy Rosary every day, for through it you will have the Flame of Love of the Mother of God, to love with Supernatural Love, AGAPE and pure.
Love your son Marcos with AGAPE love as he loves you, so that truly you can together with him show to the world what is the Supernatural Love, AGAPE, the Heavenly Love. And so, all souls want and desire to possess and feel that great love, to live that great love and to die scorched in this holy love.

I bless you with love of Nevers, of Lourdes and Jacareí. The Peace. Stay in the Peace of the Lord. "

(Marcos): "See you soon, Mama, see you soon, dear Mama."


(OUR LADY): "Dear children, today, I call you once more to live true love.

The love that God and I desire of you is the one that all suffers for the beloved. If you truly love God, you must suffer all for love of him, you must endure everything for love of him, and you must undertake all that is difficult, hard and arduous for love of him.

Always remember that love, that faith, without works, is dead. So, make every day many works of love to God, so that then truly, your love is proven by the works and God may believe inn your love. I only believe in the love of those children who give Me works, true works of love, be therefore the true children of God, and not the false ones who speak, speak, but nothing do.

Now that we are in the last half hour of God's Day, it is necessary to produce works of love for the glory of God, to witness the truth, and also to save your brethren. Otherwise, neither they, nor you, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

So go, and save what can be saved, doing many works of love, of dedication to God and of dedication to the salvation of others. Thus, the faith of you will be considered true, both by God and by men, and then, all see the truth, believe in the truth, and be saved by the truth.

PRAY MY ROSARY EVERY DAY, because only with the Rosary you will be able to dilate your hearts to receive in them My Flame of Love and produce works of love.

Shake the lukewarmness, shake the spiritual inertia of you, shake the sloth of you: praying fervently, making many sacrifices, and every day trying to do something more for the Lord, for Me and for the salvation of souls. In this way you will not be a puddle of water stopped and rotten, which does not generate life and can not quench the thirst of any soul, but you will be a source of living water where it runs, transform what is desert into a garden and quench the thirst for salvation, the thirst for love, the hunger for love of many and many souls.

Yes! My children, be a source of living water of love, and salvation for humanity.

Pray, pray, pray, because the Secret of La Salette will advance and more parts of it will be fulfilled, and woe to the inhabitants of the Earth!, no one can escape so many evils together.

Pray, for a great punishment will come this year even for Brazil if you do not pray. Pray, because the great sleeping giant will rise, will wake up, and great will be My suffering, seeing the suffering of my children in Italy. I do not want my children to suffer, that is why I say, pray, pray, pray.

Pray for the return of France to fidelity to the Catholic Faith. Pray, that this nation that I love so much, will be liberated from the oppression and dominion of Satan, and also of the action of the wicked, of the atheists, who want to transform France, that beloved and favorite land of my heart, into a nation without God.

Pray much the Chaplet of My Flame of Love, and I will greatly give you My Flame of Love so that with it you can burn the whole world and all hearts with my love.

I bless all my children, my most favorite son Carlos Tadeu, my daughter Rafaela Bompianni and Renata, who greatly helped my son Marcos and gave Me a great service of love, studying the Sign of My Luminous Figure.


To those my daughters who gave me, a great service to prove and demonstrate the truth of my Apparitions here, that I love with love of predilection, and that I keep with love in the Refuge of My heart, and to all my children who obey me and who make my cenacles in the families, I bless with love of Fatima... of La Salette ... and of Jacareí".

(MESSAGE FROM SAINT GORGONIUS OF ROME): "Dear and most beloved Marcos, dear brethren, I am Gorgonius, servant of God and of the Mother of God, and I come today with the Blessed Mother, to bless all of you with My Love and with the Peace of the Lord.

I, Gorgonius of Rome, am happy to come here, with the Mother of God for the first time.

I come to pour Peace, Grace and Love into your hearts, and I come to say to you also:

BE TRULY TABERNACLES OF THE LORD, living continually in the Love of God, in the Love of Mary Most Holy, seeking and searching holiness, so that truly God may dwell in your hearts and reign in them forever.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, living in love, for the essence of God is Love. Love is God and He can only dwell in souls full of Love. He is the one who gives love to the soul and only remains in the soul that embraces His love, who lives His love, and who treats Him with love.

Therefore, CULTIVATE IN YOUR HEARTS THE TRUE LOVE, so that God may dwell in your hearts and be united with you forever.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, making every day fervent prayers of love, and above all works of love. Faith without works is dead, and love without works is barren. Therefore, you must every day do little works of love so that God can be glorified in you and through you, and through your love every creature can know and feel the love of Him. To Him to surrender, to Him to donate, to love and to obey.

Be the tabernacles of the Lord, seeking every day to grow in the true Flame of Love for Him and His Most Holy Mother, so that true Love may grow in your hearts, and then, truly, the world may be liberated from hatred, from sin, violence, Satan's dominance and become a world of love.

I, Gorgonius, bless you all, accompany you all on the walk to Heaven. Especially you, my beloved Marcos, and you too: My beloved Carlos Tadeu, I am also, always accompanying you in all the cenacles, in your work, in your prayers, and in your daily life. I have always on you My Shield of protection, on you also I put My cloak, and the Enemy can not do you bad, and many times he can not even approach you. Therefore, rejoice your heart, because you have in Heaven a great Friend, who loves you very much, and will never leave you, until I have you, together with him, with Me and Our Most Holy Queen Here in Heaven.

I want you to know that even when you are sleeping, at dawn, in the silence of the night, I am by your side, praying for you and placing upon you My Shield of Power.

CONTINUE TO PRAY THE ROSARY AND ALL OF THE CHAPLETS 'OF POWER' that the Mother of God gave you, that the Mother of God commanded to be prayed here. Above all, pray my beloved brother,THE ROSARY OF THE TRIUMPH, at least a ten (a decade) every day, through that Rosary you will receive great Graces, and will conquer, will crush many works of Satan.

I bless you with love and all My brothers Here, pouring on all, the Grace and Peace that the Lord granted Me.

Give ten Films VOICES OF HEAVEN N° 5 for ten people. It is necessary that souls know as soon as possible, the Love of Our Most Holy Queen, and understand, that the true love for Jesus and for Her is the love that sacrifices for them, as She requested in BEAURAING in Belgium.

To all with love I bless generously now".

(Marcos): "Dearest Mother of Heaven, may you have the kindness to touch these Chaplets, Crosses and religious objects that we made for the protection and prayer of your children?
See you soon Mama. Goodbye dear Gorgonius. "


 "Yes, I will do ..."

OUR LADY): "Dear children, today, again I call all of you to love.

Cultivate in your hearts the true love for God and for Me. Dilate your hearts every day for more prayers, meditations and efforts to love more.

I came here to find souls made of pure love, that I said many times, but many still did not 
understand that the love I want is THE SUPERNATURAL LOVE, is love that does not seek their interests or favors. The love that does not seek reward, the love that does not seek the pleasures of the world. A love as pure as of an Angel. A pure love like an innocent child, who in everything he does seeks only to please his Father, to please his Mother of Heaven, and do everything for the good and the salvation of the neighbor.

I desire a supernatural love, that is the fruit of My Flame of Love. A love that all suffers, all endures, and renounce to everything for love of God, for love of Me. A love that knows every day to sacrifice for the salvation of humanity as I and My Son Jesus We sacrifice. A love that in all and for all seeks the sacrifice and not what is easier, that what is more arduous, that which is more difficult, that which is harder, in order to offer a greater sacrifice of love to God, to atone so many sins with which He is offended, and also to plead the conversion of sinners.

Yes! ... it is this love that I want, it is this love that I seek. Cultivate it in your hearts, so that then one day, after you have been INCESSANT SOULS OF LOVE on Earth, Incessant Flames of Love, Incessant Flames of loving sacrifice for the Lord, you 
may in Heaven be truly called of true children of the Lord and of My Heart, true children of God who is Love.

CONTINUE TO PRAY MY ROSARY EVERY DAY, by means of it I will give more to you the inner strength for more love.

Divulge this Film of My Apparition in La Salette No. 2, which My little son Marcos made for Me and that is so beautiful, that so much loves My Heart, and so much removes swords of sorrow from My Heart when Here it is exhibited and assisted.
Give this My Film for ten children of Mine, who do not know My Apparition in La Salette, so that My children know quickly My Tears, My Sorrow, shown in La Salette. Know My Great Secret, and so convince themselves that they need to pray the Rosary every day, change their lives, convert and live a holy life, because time runs out, you are in the last half hour before the Return of My Son Jesus. That is why, give this Film to everyone, so that everyone may be convinced that it is time for conversion, to return to the Lord who is coming back soon to all in Glory.

I love you all, I take care of each one of you and I never abandon you.
Meditate My Messages from Here from Jacareí, because they are wonderful and extraordinary for those who meditate on them. The beauty of my Apparitions Here, only shines, only shines for those who seek to know deeply My Apparitions Here, and the heart, the core, the deep beauty of My Messages.

CONVERT. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO LOSE WITH MUNDANE THINGS. Convert and sanctify yourselves, in order truly you be considered worthy of Heaven and of the New Earth that are to come for you.

To all I bless with Love of La Salette ...of Lourdes...and of Jacareí”.

(SEER MARCOS TADEU): "Dearest Mother of Heaven, can You touch these chaplets that we made for the prayer and protection of Your children?"

(The Lady agreed to touch on the chaplets). 

(OUR LADY): "As I said. Wherever one of those touched chaplets by Myself arrives, there I will be alive, bringing the great Graces and abundant Blessings of the Lord.
These chaplets become Blessed, Sources of Graces and Relics, truly touched by the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. I, your Immaculate Mother.
Keep them with love and devotion.

To all of you again I bless and of all in this night I bid farewell and give the Peace.
Stay in the Peace of the Lord.''

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